Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Snowy Sunday in Cambridge

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Kings College & Chapel
Last Sunday, Tim and I set off for a long walk around Cambridge. We had a pretty heavy snow fall (for England) the night before so I was excited to take my camera out and get a bit snap happy. (Unfortunately the snow has now completely frozen over making for a very treacherous walk wherever you go). I thought I would share some of my photos of the always beautiful Cambridge. Sorry for so many photos, I cut it down so many times but have still ended up with lots.

Also, I should apologies for the lack of posts this last week. After a long time of talking about trying out something new I finally gave myself a little push (it didn't take much) and applied for a job in a lovely cafe in Cambridge called Stickybeaks. I had my trial shift today, and got the job! It's needless to say I'm very happy. It's seriously great to be doing a job that involves food. It feels like a massive step in the right direction for me.

The Chimney at Jesus College (where we got married)

The punts were still going strong and had made a path through the ice

I have a new recipe coming tomorrow as well as a 'Photos of Recently Enjoyed things' inspired by Drea


  1. Great photos! You obviously got up much earlier than I did to take them. Massive congrats on the job, I am excited that you shall be producing food in a nearby establishment for me to come and consume :-)


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