Sunday, 26 February 2012


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So, I initially got tagged to do one of these posts by Elizabeth in January but got a little distracted and completely forgot all about it. There are rules that go along with this but aren't rules made to be broken? I thought I would mix it up and just answer the questions that Elizabeth and Abigail set.

1. What is your favorite place you have visited? This is really difficult, I think it has to be somewhere in Croatia. Dubrovnik has a special place in my heart but Plitvice is just magical.
2. If you could name only one favorite band who would it be? Wow, this is really difficult, I listen to so much different music that it feel kind of impossible to choose just one. Growing up Led Zeppelin was always playing so I think I will have to say them.
3. What's sitting on your nightstand right now? A lamp, a framed train ticket from the day Tim and I met, my engagement ring and a polka dot Malfi that we bought in New York
4. Name one tv show you love and one you can't stand. I'll have to say Luther, although I don't know whether a new series is coming or not, we have also been watching a box set of Jonathan Creek recently. I missed it the first time round and its one of those 'so bad its good' type of programs. Something I can't stand is Jeremy Kyle (I don't think many people can to be fair though)
5. What's the most adventuresome thing you've done on your own? I used to fly off to Dubrovnik on my own every summer from the age of around 12/13 for a month long stay with my cousins. I have really fond memories of those summers and flying on my own.
6. If you had the chance to rename yourself what name would you choose and why? I don't think I would, I really love my name and love that its a little different (in England at least!)
7. What is your dream job? My dream job would be owning my own little cafe with lovely food and cakes and a gallery/art shop attached to the side of it.
8. What's your favorite workout? If you don't workout what would your favorite workout be? I love going for long bike rides with Tim along the rive Cam, it never feels like a huge workout and the views are beautiful. I love the idea of running but I really struggle with it. I plan on getting into it more this year.
9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Another difficult question! Can you ask me in another 5 years time? We're still trying to see as much of the world as we can before we decide. It feels like every place we go we decide we want to move to. I do love living in Cambridge though, its a great city to live in, small but has a lot going for it and is close to London and more importantly, Stansted airport!
10. What do you picture yourself doing 20 years from now? Owning a lovely house, having a family, running said cafe, cooking, traveling.
11. What is your favorite style of art (contemporary, surrealism, cubism, impressionism, ect.) I love contemporary & minimal art. Artists like Bridget Riley blow me away but I also love figurative work, I love a good pencil drawing. Working in the Print Studio I feel very lucky to work with many amazing artists and be involved with the making of their work.
1. What is your favourite time of year- It has to be spring/summer. I love the that first spring day when you can finally wear a dress with no tights and the blossom in the trees but you can't beat a summer evening sitting by the river in Cambridge with friends and some drinks.
2. What makes you laugh- I laugh a little too much at You've been Framed

3. What was the last movie you saw at the cinema- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, such a great film, it really stuck with me for a long time after.

4. What's the one thing you couldn't live without- I don't know if he qualifies as a 'thing' but Tim makes life great and I couldn't live it without him (sorry, soppy I know!)
5. If you had extra time to do one thing, what would you do- travel travel travel!
6. Who was/is your celebrity crush- I think it has to be Jake Gyllenhaal
7. If you could go on holiday anywhere tomorrow where would you go- I'd love to do a road trip of the west coast of America, but if money really wasn't an issue, a huge round the world trip!
8. What inspires you- Just life really, its short and we should make the most of it. I don't want to look back in 20 years time and think what if. Its better to try and fail than to never give it a go.
9. What's your guilty pleasure- Carbs!
10. What's the best advice or wisdom that has been passed down to you- Never trust a short man (thanks mum!)
11. What's your current obsession- Have you not guessed from all my answers? Travelling! We're going to put together a list of places we desperately want to visit and then start working our way down the list!

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for work. I have some new recipes planned for next week before jetting off to Warsaw on Thursday for a festival that Tim is painting at- although we still haven't heard if our flights have been booked or when they are, why are festival organisers always so last minute? 


  1. Yey thanks for joining in! I love reading more about people (I'm nosy!). I have had MASSIVE travelling cravings recently, always at this time of year. There are so many places we want to go, I'm lucky that I've done a fair bit already, but poor rob planned to do some after uni, until theo came along that is! Think we'll just have to save them up and go on really special trips when he's a bit older!

    Ps I've always wanted to have my own cafe/bookstore/gallery too! One day one day...

  2. i loved reading this! great answers. i can definitely see you one day with your cafe and adjoining art gallery. and yes, carbs are definitely my guilty please too.

    i thought of you the other day. i was reading Bon Appétit magazine and there was a small feature on Chad Robertson from Tartine,

  3. oh, and i don't know if i told you but i love the print in your shop. may have to get it as a house warming gift for Jon ;)


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