2014 To Do List

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I'm pretty proud of my achievements over 2013 so I decided to set myself some more challenges for 2014 (and also to complete some I didn't get to last year).
- Go to Paris - booked for February 2014, planning well underway (map here)
- Make cheese using rennet
- Perfect my coffee making skills
- Forage & make my own jam
- Make my grandma's gateaux
- Do 1 recipe from each of my cookbooks and purge of ones I don't use - ongoing from 2013
- Find a fish dish that Tim will love
- Make puff pastry
- Make eclairs
- Make an opera gateaux
- Make a lemon meringue pie
- Only use supermarkets for store cupboard ingredients- ongoing
- Bake bread at least once a month- ongoing
- Cook a beef wellington
- Go on a monthly inspiration trip- continuing into 2014
- Write more regularly on the blog

Completed from 2013
- Discover the best tiramisu recipe..Polpos recipe was a huge hit
- Make ravioli
- Take a cookery class
- Get back to meal planning & food shopping weekly
Make doughnuts
Go to Brooklyn & eat at Momofoku
- Make creme patissiere

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