Thursday, 12 May 2011

Summer Loving

Pin It Wow this week has been unbelievably busy, I feel like I haven't stopped. The approach of summer always seems to put a bit of a rocket up people's arses as far as planning and organizing. It's that sudden realisation that its almost 6 months since Christmas (no, I can't believe it either! Where has this year gone?) There are so many things we want to do in the next few months and the diaries are filling up thick and fast with fun road trips and mini breaks. We have finally booked a short trip to Berlin for next month and I really can't wait. I am also off on a short girly holiday on sunday with one of my bestest of friends for her birthday. It will consist of reading by the pool, cooking nice food and drinking good wine. It is long overdue and I can't wait! I promise to share photos from the trips when I get back.

footnote: I thought I should explain, my husband is an artist (he goes under the name of Mr Penfold). A lot of our trips will consist of him painting murals with some of my help (I am the 'creative director'/filler inner) I thought I'd share some photos of a ice-cream parlour that we just finished painting. Hope you like.

Also, I had to share, check out my 50p charity shop bag. What. A. Bargain! Perfect for my holiday and perfect for summer!

..I am now off to make some this space!

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