Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How does your Garden Grow?

Pin It So this morning I got to work and saw a cute little bunny rabbit bounce off into the distance and I thought. Aww, what a cutie, then I looked over at my boxes of plants and that was when a bunch of obscenities escaped my mouth. Those cute little rabbits had gone to feast on all of my sunflowers and strawberries. I won't dwell too much on it but it wasn't the best of ways to start the week. I thought I'd share some evidence of the damage. Anyway, I got in the car and went and bought some chicken wire, long overdue I know but I have learnt my lesson.

On another note, the tomatoes are looking great, but hey, I don't want to get too excited as for all I know they are being munched on as I type this.

I thought I would share a slight success to end on a happier note. My herb box consisting of coriander, rosemary, mint and basil (not pictured)

I have been cooking some fun things over the last week and I plan to get them all up this week. I also had the pleasure of having my lovely friend & fantastic photographer Imogen of Blue Monday join me tonight and photograph me making dinner. That recipe will be here in the next week or 2. So watch this space!

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