Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mary Mary quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?

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So I thought I would share my little garden at the studio. They are planted in some wooden boxes that were made for me. I am desperate to plant even more things. On my wish list is a salad box (or 2), wild strawberries (my ultimate taste from my youth) and some more peonies.

Here are my strawberry plants, they are just starting to turn red and I am desperate to get my teeth into them. My only worry is that all the bunnies around here are going to get to them before me. I have a net over them so fingers crossed.

A pretty poor picture of my 6 tomato plants, I bought them already started and they're from the Jamie Oliver range. I thought it would be interesting to experiment with different 'breeds' of plants. The ones I decided on are black cherry, red zebra, tangella, brandy wine, limmony, cherokee purple. They're going to make some interesting salads with all the reds, yellows and blacks!

Here are my dwarf sunflowers, they grow in bunches so they will look lovely once they're all out plus will be nice cut and taken home.

This is my peony plant, I think this one may take a couple of years to fully establish itself but they are my favourite flowers so it will be worth the wait!

I tried to resist the strawberries for 1 more day but I just couldn't resist taking a bite and I have to say, it was delicious!


  1. Strawberries right out of the garden...yummy!

  2. Your plants look so healthy! I have an organic garden as well, but to be honest my father takes care of it...

  3. I do my best...I have started out small so its quite easy to keep on top of it. But we'll see how it goes when they get a bit bigger!


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