Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Holiday in Spain

Pin It So, last Sunday I packed my bags and set off for a short trip to Fuerteventura with one of my best chums. The aim was to relax and that we did. I didn't get round to taking many photos due to the said relaxing but one thing I did manage to document is our tapas meal which was deeelish! We stayed in a cute little apartment so I got to do a little bit of cooking, we ate so much chorizo that we joked that our sunburn was infact just us turning into chorizo! It was a lovely little trip but it was so great getting back home to my very missed mr. This week I plan on cooking many lovely things which I will do my best to document and post. On the cards are.. Pizza from scratch (with buffalo mozzarella & asparagus), Ginger sweet tofu with Pak Choi, A quick Massaman curry & Mac and Cheese. Lets see if I can stand up to the challenge!

Potato Tortilla & Patatas Bravas
 A mini Paella
 Steak, Brie and Peppers on Bread
 Prawns in Garlic Oil
Chorizo & other spicy sausages
 Baked goats cheese with caramalised onions & honey.. they went a little overboard with the dried fruits though!

Over the past few weeks I have been working hard planting a bunch of tomatoes (lots of different varieties) , strawberries, peonies & sunflowers at the studio (we don't have a garden at home) and this weekend I have finally got around to planting a little herb box at home. The only only thing I have left to get/plant is some wild strawberries, I am hoping to get to a garden centre at some point in the next week.

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