Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Christmas in Food

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So, I have been trying to summon up the energy to go through and edit the many photos I took over Christmas and it has taken me till now to do it. It has been so nice having some time off from everything and although I got ill on Christmas night it has been a nice excuse to lay on the sofa and eat all the chocolates that I got for Christmas (not that I need any excuse!) I am happy to report I am pretty much all better now and am planning a day of baking today, if I manage to get out of my PJs and to the supermarket that its! I realise its a bit of an overload of photos but I thought I'd share how we did Christmas this year. I loved hosting it and I am happy to report it all went without any glitches- despite the fact that our oven broke 5 days before Christmas. Luckily our landlord was great and got it sorted in time for us! Apologies for the dark and grainy photos from Christmas Eve, I still haven't quite got the hang of low light photography.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.

Kombos- A traditional Bosnian Christmas Eve meal consisting of saurkraut, lots of garlic, olive oil, butterbeans & canneloni beans topped with baked potatoes. Traditionally you don't eat meat on Christmas Eve.
Cheese selection with blinis in the background
The star of Christmas- Lancashire Bomb cheese. We pretty much finished the whole lot in 2 days.
Smoked Salmon on homemade Blinis with soured cream and horseradish
Homemade filo & sweet pastry mince pies
Homemade sourdough for Christmas day breakfast
More cheese
Chorizo scrambled eggs and blinis
Brussel Sprouts stir fried with bacon, shallots and garlic and topped with roasted chestnuts
Roasted vegetables with my favourite- roasted parsnips
Petit Fours
Chocolate, Pistachio, Raspberry and Almond Macaroons
Some more petit fours

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