Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Chilli Jam

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I love making food related presents for people for Christmas, its great if you're on a bit of a tight budget but also means that you can make it really personalised. This chilli jam is so delicious, I could almost eat it on its own. It has a little kick but isn't overly hot. I love spreading some in cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese, cheese on toast.. you get my drift. It would also be a great accompaniment to a cold buffet on Boxing day or on a cheese board. If you do prefer a really hot chilli jam than just take out some of the peppers and replace them with more chilli.

Recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson
Makes around 1.5 litres

You will need-
  • 150g fresh red chillies deseeded and cut into 4. (I used a mix of red & green as thats what I had to hand)
  • 150g red bell peppers cored and deseeded and cut into a similar size as the chilli
  • 1kg jam sugar - can be found in the supermarket
  • 600ml cider vinegar
  • 6 x 250ml jam jars with vinegar proof lids - you could always top the jam with greaseproof paper before putting the lid on if you don't have vinegar proof lids.
Begin by sterilizing your jars. I do this by washing them and them placing them upside down on a baking tray and place in a preheated oven on 180C for 20minutes.

Whilst the jars are sterilising place your chillies in a food processor and run it until they are finely chopped. Now add the pepper and run it again until they are finely chopped too.

Use a wide, medium sized pan and dissolve the sugar into the vinegar over a low heat. Be sure not to stir the mixture.

Once the sugar has dissolved add your chopped chilli and pepper and bring to the boil and leave it in a rolling boil for 10 minutes.

Now take the pan off the heat and leave it to cool. As it cools it will go from a syrupy mixture to a jelly.

Once the chilli and pepper flecks are evenly dispersed and suspended in the mixture rather than floating on top of it poor the jelly into the jars and seal tightly.

Place labels on them and share with your friends and family. Once opened keep in the fridge.

Enjoy x


  1. What do you eat Chilli Jam with? Looks really good regardless! :)

  2. Hi Morlee, Thanks for stopping by! Its great with cheese and cold meats but I also love it in sandwiches and with grilled cheese!


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