Monday, 19 December 2011

Last minute gift ideas for the foodie in your life

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So I probably should have thought about doing this post sooner but I have been a little distracted by Christmas. I am really excited about this year and am eager to start cooking for the big day. But before that I thought I would share a few gifts ideas for the foodie in your life.

1. Ottolenghi Cookbook. I am a huge fan of Yottam Ottolenghi, we received his book 'Plenty' for our wedding gift. This one is on my wish list, full of inspirational recipes £14.50 on Amazon.
2. Measuring Cups. Really useful when cooking from American recipes and these are just so beautiful £28 from Anthropologie.
3. Le Creuset. The price may be a little high but these cast iron dishes will last a life time and are so versatile. Prices vary.
4. Tartine Bread Book. I recently bought this book and it has taken my bread baking to the next level. £15.51 from Amazon.
5. Dough Scraper. Perfect to accompany number 4, also a great tool to have in the kitchen for all sorts of baking. £5.99 from Amazon.
6. Kitchen Aid Mixer. Mosts cooks dream and this colour is beautiful! I recently discovered that if you order through the American Amazon you get it for over £100 less including the postage. Around £420 in the UK
7. Plate to Pixel Book. A fantastic book about photographing food. I need this in my life! £13.93 Amazon
8. Pretty Cup. The perfect tea companion whilst you wait patiently for your dough to rise. £10 from Anthropologie

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