Monday, 15 August 2011

Week in Food- Week 1

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I have decided to take inspiration from Shutterbean and start taking a food related photo every day for a year. A big commitment yes but I hope to improve my photo taking through it whilst also documenting what I eat.

1/365- 9.8.2011 Strawberry & Blueberry smoothie with Yogurt & Agave

2/365- 10.8.2011 Calamari Fritti

3/365- 11.08.2011 Charred Corn Tacos with Courgette & Raddish slaw & Feta

4/365- 12.8.2011 Kale Spagetti

5/365- 13.8.2011 Plum Clafoutis

6/365- 14.8.2011 Chargrilled Asparagus

7/365- 15.8.2011 Cooking Pad See Ew

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