Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Berlin, I Love You

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So, as you may have seen last week me, my husband and our friend Alex headed off to Berlin. The main aim of the trip was to paint as much as we could and that we did. So much so that I didn't end up getting to see as much of the city as I had hoped, but from what I saw I loved. We are already planning our return. The city is really chilled out and everyone is so nice. Random people that watched us paint gave us free drinks, pizza and an invite to go for tea round their house.

I have to say all the food I ate was fantastic, from Currywurst to Falafel and Tom Kha to a German BBQ on the balcony and best of all... it was all so cheap! The danger being, if I lived there, I would end up eating out every night.

So we hooked up with Nerd from Low Bros and painted 2 big walls. It was so fun to get fully involved in the productions and I can't wait to get painting again next week when Tim and I head to Newcastle.

Brunch on arrival

lots of food

..and drink

and then the painting began



and some more.

We also saw some amazing murals by Blu, Os Gemos and more

We finished the trip with some Currywurst.

Dotted all around Berlin are some old photo booths. I couldn't resist.

Sorry for the image heavy post but I took so many it was hard to whittle them down.

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