Monday, 13 June 2011

Baked Breaded Goats Cheese

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I had such a busy week last week which has resulted in being ill and also having a very bare fridge. The husband is coming to the rescue by going to the supermarket after work with a very specific shopping list that has just been emailed to him. But in the mean time I needed something for lunch. After a quick look around said bare fridge and cupboards I decided on some baked breaded goats cheese. If I had been planning this I would have served it with some salad and onion marmalade or cranberry sauce. It would make a great starter for a meal or just a super tasty snack. I would suggest 1 whole goats cheese per person, depending on the side of the cheese.

You will need-
  • A round of goats cheese, a soft variety
  • Olive Oil
  • Rosemary
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Bread Crumbs

So first of all, cut your goats cheese in half, (I cut mine into 3 which resulted in a lot of the cheese running out during cooking) So I recommend half as the rind will keep the insides in place. Next place on a plate or in a bowl and pour over a generous glug of olive oil and then sprinkle some freshly chopped rosemary over. Roll the cheese about in the oil and rosemary till it is well coated then place some clingfilm over and pop in the fridge for an hour or so to marinade.

Just before the time is up preheat your over to around 180C and then in a separate bowl add you breadcrumbs, a pinch of salt, a bigger pinch of pepper and some more rosemary. Bring the cheese out of the fridge, give it another roll in the oil making sure you cover the sides then let the excess oil drip off before placing it in the breadcrumbs. Cover very generously with the crumbs and then place on a baking sheet, preferably with greaceproof paper on. Once you had coated all your pieces in place in the oven for around 5-10 minutes. 

Keep an eye on them, they're ready when the breadcrumbs are brown and the cheese feels soft to the touch.

Check out that ooze! 

Enjoy x

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