Wednesday, 13 April 2011

spring = new clothes

Pin It As soon as the sun comes out it does lovely things to people. It reminds us of how great life really can be. It makes even the most boring task that little bit more enjoyable and, of coarse it means that we can finally start dragging out our lovely summer dresses and sandals as well as buy lots of new ones too.

Right now I am loving the midi length dresses, I found 2 new beauties from Primark of all places...(I know shock horror) plus a cute blue suedette fringe bag.
I also dug out my lovely office sandals. I have wanted them for what feels like eternity but could never justify the £45. Finally this winter they went on sale and I managed to snap them up for a bargain price of £25!

Sadly the lovely weather we have been experiencing has gone back in to hiding but it was a lovely taste of spring and summer. I can't wait for the real deal. As all the locals say, Cambridge is lovely in the summer. With all the green space, the river, punting it really is heavenly and it makes you appreciate this city a lot more. Hopefully we will manage a few trips out of the country again this year with Berlin, Florence, Milan & Barcelona on the list. Has anyone been to any of these? Any recommendations?

Also, how could I forget. I have completely and utterly fallen in love with this beauty from Zara. I want need it in my life!

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