Wednesday, 27 April 2011

current crushes

Pin It May is a tricky one for me, 2 best friend's birthdays & a mini holiday = the need to be careful with how much I spend on other things. The problem? This makes me crush over new things even more because I know I have to wait an extra month for them. Heres a few

I have been in love with these jars and straws from shutterbean for a long time now you can find them here and here
I have also discovered a new love for midi skirts and dresses after buying a few recently. They are so easy to wear and are perfect cover up for those warm but not hot days. This one is from here but how about this one
I recently bought Boo Davis' Dare To Be Square book and am desperate to get going on this design. You can get the book here
I am slowly getting getting our new home together, one of the things I am still lacking is lampshades. I absolutely love this one from here

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