Tuesday, 12 April 2011

making home

Pin It Tim (my husband) and I moved house 2 weeks ago. We lived in a really tiny 1 bedroom apartment for 2 and half years which we loved so much but outgrew in the 1st year. We spent the rest of our time there slowly looking for a new place to live. Because there was no rush for us we really took our time finding the right sort of place also the rental market in Cambridge is crazy so there were a few places that we missed out on too. It's such a nice relief to know the wait paid off and hopefully our next move will be when we bite the bullet and buy somewhere. I know that we will always look back at our old place with a lot of love but it is so great having all this extra space. I plan on doing a little post at some point of our old home as I photographed it all before we moved so we can show the grandkids in years to come.

I thought it would be a nice idea to use this post as a little tour of my favourite bits of our new apartment with little stories of how they came in to our lives.

My husband (Mr Penfold) 's painting, Robin Day chairs, original 1950's Ercol table that we bought for a bit of a bargain and just finished restoring.
Painting by Mike Brick - a very generous wedding gift. Habitat lamp shade
Our wedding invite designed by Stephen Chambers and screenprinted by me and the mr
Our newest addition found this weekend. Wood and leather bench intended for reading
A proof of a Stephen Chambers screenprint that didn't get used placed under the glass on our coffee table. Cut glass dishes found in charity shops.
Bust of a child, this belonged to my dad, he got it from his university in Sarajevo, on his last visit he brought it back for me. 'Shell Mary' a little bit of kitsch bought on our honeymoon in Croatia.

I planned on including the kitchen too but I just haven't quite got that right yet. I seem to have rushed to get the living room/dining room sorted which has put the other rooms on a bit of a back burner. We also have a LOT of prints that we acquire from work that are desperate to be framed. I hope I will get round to that soon.

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