Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Angelic Pizza Food Truck, Cambridge

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There is always a lovely buzz on twitter when a new restaurant or food vendor appears and this place is no exception. A few weeks ago Alex Rushmer, owner of Hole in the Wall in Cambridge tweeted about this chrome airstream selling wood fired pizzas and ever since I have been meaning to try them out. After a quick search around the internet I didn't come up with much so on a whim last night, Tim and I jumped in the car in search of pizza. I had heard that they guys park up outside the Missing Sock in Stow-cum-Quy and as we approached in the dark and rain we saw a light beaming towards us.

Unfortunately for us, the guys had been really popular that night and only had enough dough left for 1 more pizza. Whilst they set about making it for us, we chatted about their incredible van which they  imported all the way from Chicago! They make a huge effort to use organic & local ingredients and the pizzas are cooked on an open flame. The drive home was a painful one as we raced to get back before the pizza got cold. It was seriously delicious and I can't wait to go back and try more!

They can be found in the Missing Sock car park Monday-Thursday and on Ely market on Saturdays. They also told me that they will be on twitter soon so keep an eye out for them. For more details, check out their website


  1. I'm still incredibly happy that these guys have popped up so close to my home in Quy - their pizzas are great and I love their bespoke be-kitchened Airstream! Thanks for writing about them - we need them to keep going...

  2. Hi,
    I stumbled across them the other night and had the mother of all pizzas! I yummed up an organic spicy beef (something which I've not previously enjoyed at a well known pizza restaurant) and it was amazing!

    They advised me to heat it up (as I had a 15min journey home), on a hot frying pan with no oil and it did the trick - the base was crispy and the topping was delicious.

    Thanks guys, see you again.

  3. I too have had the pleasure of trying out their pizzas. I loved their vegetarian pizza with brie and grapes!! Their Airstream was a real crowd puller on the day.


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