Wednesday, 4 July 2012

In the Shadow of the Sun by Harry Freeland

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A great friend of mine (and the photographer from our wedding) Harry Freeland has been working tremendously hard for over 6 years making the most incredible documentary 'In the Shadow of the Sun'. On Monday night it got it's first TV debut on BBC4 and was incredibly received. The BBC adaptation 'Albino Witch Craft Murders' is a shortened version of the original film which will be aired in Europe and America soon. As you can see from the film stills above, the filmography is absolutely stunning. Harry is an exceptionally talented guy.

'In the Shadow of the Sun' follows the lives of 2 people, Josephat & Veda living in Tanzania. Where brutal murders of people with albinism is on the up spurred on by witchdoctors. Josephat has dedicated his life to educating others to help stop the discrimination as well as encouraging communities to out the murderers. Veda is a 15 year old boy who is incredibly smart trying hard to get into school so that he can make something of his life. Both are a huge inspiration and I challenge you to watch this without shedding a tear.

You can watch the documentary back on BBC iPlayer here
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All images copyright Harry Freeland.

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