Thursday, 5 July 2012

Barcelona- Food

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Whenever we go anywhere on holiday the first thing we do is research restaurants we want to try out. This time around we were really lucky as we have a bunch of friends that live in Barcelona so we ended up getting recommendations from people we trust.

We had a great time at the La Boqueria indoor market taking in the amazing sights and scents. Because of the heat we decided against eating in one of the lovely tapas bars there but we are hopefully going back in September so I hope we made it back to one then.

Other than that, one night we enjoyed a fantastic BBQ on our friend's roof which was a real treat. I love to feel like a local when visiting new places and getting to do things tourists can't. Plus, from the rooftop we got to see the most amazing sunsets.
Our 3 restaurants ended up being these, all 3 are incredibly affordable and do fantastic 'menu del dia'.

Just off La Rambla in Raval
A real locals bar with very reasonably priced tapas & fantastic baguettes. Hardly any tourists go in here and they don't speak much English so polish up on your Spanish or prepare to pick randomly from the menu. Our favourite was the the cheese, roasted pepper & serrano ham baguette, the patatas bolonesa and the choricitos. Don't expect service with a smile, but I think thats part of its charm.

La Rosa Negra
Via Laietana 46
I can't sing the praises of the place enough. Fantastic authentic Mexican food. One of the best guacamole I've eaten and a great value menu del dia which includes a drink and coconut ice for dessert which was delicious, just on the right side of tasting like coconut body cream. Their frozen margaritas made me like tequilla, a drink which I previously hated, and at €3.50 they are great value (I recommend the strawberry).

Juicy Jones
Cardenal Casanas 7, off La Rambla
A vegan restaurant which has an all day menu del dia where for €8.50 you get 3 courses. I really recommend the hummus and baba ghanoush and their freshly made pear, mango & mint juice was delicious.

1,2,3,4 & 5. La Boqueria market 6. The egg option from the menu del dia at La Rosa Negra 7. Chicken Mole with chocolate, sesame seeds and nuts 8. The famous guacamole 9. Margarita number one 10. Rooftop BBQ 11. Potato tortilla 12. & 13. Churros 14. Hummus & Baba Ghanoush 15. Thali plate at Juicy Jones 16. Vegetable tart & bean salad at Juicy Jones


  1. Two of my favorites...If you go on September, please don't miss this La Pepita:

    1. That place looks delicious, we will definitely head there next time. Thanks!

  2. I see that you had some great food in BCN. That used to be my local churros place and I used to get my chocolate from the granja a few doors down. I even have the same picture as you!

    Next time, check out our email series - Eat Like A Local in Barcelona for more tips.



    1. Thanks Kaye, I'll be sure to check it out the next time we go!


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