Friday, 1 June 2012

Pictures of Recently Enjoyed Food

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I am thoroughly enjoying a day off today. The morning was spent doing some retail therapy and this afternoon I am playing catch up on all the things I have been putting off the last few days. I have even managed to schedule some posts and there is a new one coming tomorrow! Hope you all have a fantastic Jubilee weekend, here's hoping the sun comes out again.

Taking inspiration from ohdeardrea's recently enjoyed things series.
1. Roasted Squash Wraps from River Cottage Veg 2. Salad on a very hot day 3. Jamie Oliver's Courgette Carbonara 4. Beetroot 5. Chargrilled Chard with a honey and Tapatio dressing

1 comment:

  1. i must try the char grilled chard! it sounds divine. plus, these days i'm all about grilling. so much easier with the kitchen being under renovation ;)


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