Tuesday, 18 October 2011

London Art Fairs

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Kensington Station on the way home

Last Thursday evening Tim and I headed to London to visit some art fairs. The fairs in question were Moniker, Islington Art & Design & Christie's Multiplied. It was a fantastic evening out especially at Multiplied, we managed to rub shoulders with Tracey Emin among many other very talented artists. The studio where I work will be exhibiting at Multiplied next year so we went along to see what it was like. Other than the great work on show, (my favourite being the Bridget Riley prints) were some amazing canapes. Delicious Mexican inspired wraps and pulled pork washed down with Hibiscus and something or other cocktails. This was all finished off at the end of the night with popcorn and thick hot chocolate topped with tequilla (I wasn't brave enough to go for the tequilla option)

At Moniker I was mostly impressed by Dabs and Myla's work. All amazingly tight and super cheerful.

Outside D*Face had painted a huge mural which was inspired by a painting on show inside. Earlier in the week whilst painting it a lot of people assumed that the mural had been 'defaced' with a fire extinguisher filled with pink paint until he came back and completed it with further defacing.

At Islington Art & Design fair we went to visit the Lucky Dip Collective stand where Tim (Mr Penfold) had a painting and a couple of prints in. My favourite things at the show were his (of coarse) and Show Chickens amazingly detailed drawings.

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