Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mary Mary Quite Contrary, How does your Garden Grow?

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So its been a little while since my last update, as you can see everything is a lot bigger now. After the rabbit incident the chicken wire went up and although its not the most attractive of stuff, it seems to be doing its job. Fingers crossed!

Marigolds and some other flowers that I don't know the name of have been bringing a lot of colour. Also a lone sunflower to the right.

My tomato plants are HUGE and all but 1 are full of tomatoes. I have picked a few but they're not quite there yet. Sadly the strawberries have stopped and because of the rabbit incident (I must stop talking about it) I only got to eat 5 at the most. The sunflowers are coming out thick and fast and I am just trying to decide whether or not to cut a few to take home. The peony hasn't changed too much but it seems very healthy.

I had to move 2 of the tomato plants because of overcrowding. This one is a little brown but the tomatoes keep on coming!

Another peek at the sunflowers. Should I..Shouldn't I?

More tomatoes

and some more.

I am planning to get some more of these wooden boxes made up for next year. I have definitely caught the gardening bug!

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