Wednesday, 13 July 2011

An Afternoon in Cambridge

Pin It This afternoon my parents came to visit us in Cambridge along with some family who are over from Zagreb for the week. So as you do when anyone visits, we went off punting. Unfortunately in true English fashion it decided to start to rain half way through. I never tire of the beautiful sights when punting, the colleges, the secret gardens & of coarse the way the Japanese tourists try to punt.

After our punt tour (courtesy of Tim & his strong arms) we headed to Jamie's Italian for dinner via Cath Kidston's shop and stumbled across the cutest shoes which my lovely mum (& dad) treated me to.

For dinner we started with some stuffed chilli peppers, GIANT olives, a meat and a vegetable antipasti & a nice selection of breads. For mains I had pasta puttanesca which was deeelish.

Here are a few pics from the afternoon.

The floor at Jamie's

 The reason behind 'crap'?

shoe love

Footnote: I managed to rip a massive hole in my favourite jeans today whilst getting on my bike. Note to self, tight jeans and mens racing bikes don't mix. I'm off to bake some cookies to cheer myself up.

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  1. hello! just read your comment on my blog! thanks!

    i'm from near cambridge originally, i miss it!

    the whole baby journey is a very scary but an amazing one, i hope you experience it soon! (or when you're ready!)

    thanks for reading x


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