Sunday, 10 July 2011

Going up North

Pin It So as some of you may know on Sunday Tim and I packed our bags and headed up north. The first reason for the trip was to pick up our studio's touring print show from WYPW in Yorkshire and take it to Calendar House in Scotland. The second was heading over to Unit 44 in Newcastle to help Tim paint wall 8 of their White Walls project. All in all it was a great little road trip, we had beautiful weather the whole way up. Driving through Yorkshire we were surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, (something we don't get in flat Cambridgeshire). The next part of the journey took us through the Lake District which was stunning. We definitely need to take another trip up there. That night we stayed in Queensferry in a beautiful B&B run by a retired couple. Queensferry is famous for its 2 bridges running over the River Forth and we had a lovely view of the railway bridge from our bedroom window.

That night we went out for a long overdue 'date'. I had some panfried scallops, he had an amazing burger (I was jealous) There had been the idea to head over to Edinburgh that evening but after 7 hours of driving we were shattered.

That morning I was awoken by light blasting through the curtains. When I got up to close them I saw this. I had to grab my phone and take a photo. It was a beautiful sight.

The next morning we hit the road again and set off to Newcastle. After a quick cup of tea we got going on the painting. Because of the breeze-block wall we ended up needing to emulsion quite a lot before spraypainting the wall.

Needless to say, I got COVERED in paint. Checking in to our hotel that night we got some very strange looks.

We ate a lot of Asian food whilst we were there, the fave being a delicious Tofu Pad Thai.

Nearly Finished
(photo by David Bilbrough)

It took 6 photos being stitched together to get this shot. 
(photo by David Bilbrough)

Some of the other walls from the White Walls project
Jon Burgerman

Insa See the Gif-itti here

And a shutter we painted in Whitley Bay before we set off home.

I know I keep saying it but I have some food posts coming soon. Just need to recover from the last week!

We just got sent the time lapsed video from the wall painting. Enjoy x

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