Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review- Bibimbap House, Cambridge

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Beef Bibimbap
 Last night we went and ate a Korean restaurant on Mill Road after finding out about it on twitter (thanks Nora) I had never eaten Korean before so I didn't have anything to compare it to but I have to say that if that is the benchmark then I am really excited about trying more! The owner is a nutritionalist and focuses on different types of bibimbap with the menu consisting of only around 10 dishes. This is right up my street as I can't stand restaurants that have page upon page of dishes often suggesting that the majority of what you eat is frozen. Bibimbap translates to mixed meal and consists of various vegetables, strips of meat and rice. The whole thing comes in a big stone bowl which is heated up and continues to cook everything slightly whilst you eat. This means that you end up with lovely crispy bits on the bottom of the bowl. When you receive the bowl of food you are meant to mix everything up together before digging in. I ended up going for the Bulgogi with Japchae noodles after being recommended it by Nora. This is a bowl of marinated strips of beef, sweet potato noodles, mixed vegetables and rice. 

To accompany the main dish you also get a couple of side dishes. We had kimchi & a cold mashed potato dish and also a bowl of miso soup. They were the perfect accompaniment to the hot bibimbap.

The other mention I have to make is about the accompanying sauces, they have their own home made soy sauce which is so much better than others I have tried before. Then there are the two chilli sauces, one hot and one sweet which were out of this world (I have a slight chilli sauce addiction at the moment)

I do also have to say that the staff and owner of the restaurant were so friendly and welcoming even down to little things like offering us tap water where most restaurants frown upon it a little when you ask and also the free green tea refills which weren't mentioned on the menu.

The restaurant is also really well priced working out at just over £10 p/head. Its safe to say that I am already planning my next visit!
Bulgogi with Japchae noodles
Bibimbap House
60 Mill Road


  1. seriously, everything you make is fabulous. i'm going to try the pho recipe this week. hope it turns out!

    also, i tagged you ;) it's on today post.

  2. oops, i meant to post my comment on the muffin post! doesn't make much sense for this one ;)

    however, this place sounds wonderful. i've never eaten korean. but i love to try ALL food.


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