Monday, 10 March 2014

A return of sorts

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I appreciate this post will come as a surprise to many, not because of what it says but just I have actually written something on my blog for the first time in bloody ages. To be honest with you, I haven't been inspired enough to write on here lately. This is mainly down to 2 factors. Firstly, documenting meals out. I recently realised that stopping and taking photos of my food when having meals out with friends can be pretty damn annoying for your dining partner who is waiting for you to get the right shot, in bad light before the food goes cold. Plus I came to realise that being in the moment was much more important. Obviously I do still take photos when I eat out, you can see that from my instagram feed, just the thought of pulling out my SLR in a restaurant fills me with dread these days. Secondly, although I do still cook dinner most nights my meals have become less and less about using recipes and more just chuck it all in, give it a taste, add salt, cook a bit longer..add even more salt, add some chilli sauce and then get it straight onto the plate. Recently I have had some great successes but because I hurry to get the food on the table most nights I don't end up taking any notes of what I did and how much of each ingredient I added. I have also come to realise that I just don't feel very comfortable just reposting other's recipes any more, this came to light quite a while back when Dan Lepard's publisher started asking fellow bloggers to remove recipes taken from his Short & Sweet book. It made me realise that someone else had done all the hard work & sharing it without their permission was not on. So, excuses aside, where does this actually leave me? I definitely don't want to stop writing and sharing on this space but I think its time to pull my finger out and start sharing more of my own ideas. I need to go back to why I initially started writing this blog. To document recipes that did and didn't work for me and as a sort of index I could refer back to when I was stumped for what to cook that week. A first step for me will be to revisit old recipes, make and improve them with the hope that it restores some pride in this space. That will hopefully be going on in the background whilst I gradually begin to work on new posts. Bare with me, it will no doubt be slow and a bit painful (for me). I'm not going to set myself any major challenges but overall I'm aiming to post on here a lot more regularly than I have been. As always, watch this space for new Plate Lickers supper clubs as well as possibly some future solo projects too.

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