Saturday, 16 March 2013

Platelickers EAT Brunch

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I know its wrong to start a blog post with an apology but I'm sorry to admit that the more I cook for other people, the less I cook for myself. Which therefor means a lot less blog posts too. However, I have to admit that I'm having a great time of it!

The last Plate Lickers supper club took place at Eat Cambridge, where Jo and I hosted a 4 course brunch for 60 guests over 2 sittings. As always we had so much fun planning the menus and cooking together and I just wanted to share the photos from the day. A huge thank you to Ozzy for taking these photos and sharing them with us.

Before sounding too much like an acceptance speech at the Oscars (I told you I'd get this in Jo!) I just wanted to say huge thank you to Sian, Heidi & Caroline for all your hard work with Eat Cambridge, what a success! Northrops for their irresistible bacon, Neil of The Cambridge Fruit Company for our delicious avocados & other veggies too. Earth's Crust for the mountain of bread we collected from them in the morning and to Kandula & Hot Numbers for their wonderful tea & coffee which our guests seemed to really love. Finally I need to say a huge thank you to the Cambridge Brew House for very kindly lending us their beast of a toaster which made things run a lot smoother. 

Pretty much every guest requested the banana bread recipe which can be found on Jo's blog here. With 4 bananas in each loaf theres no surprise its the moistest, tastiest banana loaf ever! If anyone has any other recipe requests let us know and we may be able to divulge.

Speaking of Eat Cambridge, tonight I'm heading the Pint Shop pop up at the Gogs farm shop, seeing all the photos from the last 2 nights have just made my hunger grow. After all, what could be better than meat, bread & beer rolled into 1 fun evening? Don't forget to go and visit Jo today on her pop up cake stall, her route is here and you can track it in real time using the #caketracker hashtag on twitter. I know some of the treats she has up her sleeve and trust me, you don't want to miss out!

On a final note, we have a new Plate Lickers event coming very soon so join the mailing list on the Supper Club page (link above) to find out first.

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